Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining summer landscapes

The Southern Louisiana summer is one full of heat. Be careful as you venture outdoors to tend to your yard and landscape, wearing proper sun protection and keeping good hydration. Just as you need to replenish yourself with water, your trees and plants need some extra moisture in the summer. Signs of stress include yellow leaves and wilted leaves, but with proper care and maintenance, you can prevent stress to your trees and shrubs. The following are helpful summer tips and a list of dos and don’ts for summer tree and shrub care.


Water plants as needed, especially on hot, dry days. Water young trees and shrubs regularly, particularly whenever the ground is dry. However, do not drown your plants as constantly wet roots provide an environment for fungus. Allow water to soak into the ground (deep watering) to encourage development of deep roots. Do not shallow water, where water simply runs off as it promotes shallow roots that dry quickly.


Do use organic mulches to add organic nutrients, regulate moisture, and keep mowers away. Avoid use of inorganic mulches such as stones. Mulch should be 2 -4 inches deep and should never touch the trunk of the tree.

Pruning & Fertilizing

Avoid pruning unless absolutely necessary. Be cautious of use of pesticides and fertilizers around trees and shrubs during drought.


Pay more attention to plants near hard surfaces like pavement as those plants experience more heat. Prioritize plants over lawns during drought and water restrictions. Large trees can take a lifetime to replace.

Harsh summers are stressful to trees and shrubs, with droughts killing even large trees. In 2011, Texas experienced a drought that resulted in the lost of half a billion trees. Water regularly and follow the tips to ensure your trees and shrubs get to experience many more years ahead. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.