Norris Nursery

is a locally owned plant Nursery in Folsom Louisiana, grower of high quality plants and shrubs. Providing the Northshore with the best plants and landscaping


The Senior Horticulturist Allen Owings of Bracy’s Nursery has answered this question many times in the last month. Why do my sasanqua leaves look like…
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Tea Scale

Tea scale is our most major insect pest on camellias and sasanquas. Horticultural oil sprays are a recommended control method. Oil sprays kill by suffocating…
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Our great dogwoods (Cornus florida) once reigned supreme as one of the traditional Southern landscape plants. Dogwoods are deciduous, spring-flowering trees native to the eastern…
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It is early spring but be sure to be on the lookout for AZALEA LACE BUGS. These will show up first on the lower foliage…
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